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Mining is a major source of economic growth for any country, as the mineral products are the asset without which the world can not exist. With the change in technology, mining industry is also indulging in advanced technological methods, so as to deliver the best performance.

There are basically 2 kinds of mining, Underground and Surface. Former is done in the case where the mineral lies deep below the surface of earth. For this, two or more openings are digged into the earth at the places where there are fair chances of mineral occurence. While Surface mining is done when the minerals are near the earth’s surface.

In each phase of mining, computers and microelectronics has a great benefit, from exploration, production, processing and marketing. They have application areas in geophysical logging, mapping, and geochemistry.

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Technology for Mine Planning and Expansion

During mine planning, mine designing is done via automation. Geological models are also produced with advanced software through the drill hole data. Similarly, for mine expansion, mining schedules have been developed for weekly, quarterly and yearly operations.

Moreover, at the operating stage, for both research and operational applications, automated mine monitoring systems can check the immediate status of equipment at remote locations. Before making the products from mines to marketplace, they went for being staked, analyzed, tested and developed.

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Ishwar Mining & Industrial Corporation is a leading name in mining industry for processing of soft minerals including Diaspore and Pyrophyllite. The products manufactured here are of superior quality and standards which led us to win various awards of safety and mining.